LUNA Chocolate Collection


Muse. Witch. Goddess. Dakini.

Powerful blends and magical pairings with chocolate from around the globe make this the perfect gift for yourself or as an offering to another.

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LUNA Chocolate Collection is back!

  • Persephone (Pomegranate Fig): Dark Chocolate rounds out the flavor of Pomegranate fruit and the subtle sweetness of Fig
  • Aradia (Blood Orange): Sharp Dark Chocolate balances the spice and sweet of citrus
  • Bruja (Grapefruit Honey): A balance of Araguani 72% chocolate, grapefruit and honey paired with Milk Chocolate
  • Sin (Caramel Apple): 72% Dark Chocolate offers a balance to the sweet Caramel and sharpness of Apple compote center
  • Ixchel (Spicy Pineapple): Herbal, sweet, rich in bold flavor-filled ganache with a peppery finish
  • Yamuna (Citrus Dragonfruit): Dark Chocolate surrounds this distinctive tropical fruit

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